Power Factor Correction


Static VAR Generators (SVG) device can improve power factor, improve power quality and reduce power loss.

SVG device prolongs service life of electrical equipment and reduces electricity charges of customer.

SVG device can be used with existing Power Distribution and PV Systems. 


- Excellent power factor correction performance Can maintain a PF of 0.99 lagging or unity if required. 

- Compensates both inductive and capacitive loads Corrects lagging and leading power factor.

- Dynamic step-less compensation operates with a response speed of< 15ms.

- Corrects load imbalance extend the life of transformer.

- Modular design for easy operation, maintenance and replacement.


The following information relates to the 50kVAr & 100kVAr Unit. Please note that in cabinet configuration, up to 600kVAr is possible in a single cabinet

Product Code  

50 kVAr Unit

100 kVAr Unit

 Unit Size

50 kVAr

100 kVAr

 AC Input Rated Voltage


 AC Input Frequency Range

50Hz (45Hz-63Hz Range)

 Power Fact Adjust Range

-1 to 1 capacitive to inductive, continuously adjustable

 Response Time


 Communication Interface 

RS485, CAN and network port

 Communication Protocol

Modbus, PM Bus

 Operation Temperature Range

-20°C to 70°C

 Enclosure IP Rating

IP20 (other IP classes are available with cabinet configuration)

Operation Altitude Limit

1,500m, 1% power reduction for each additional 100m,

between 1500m and 4000m


500 x 510 x 190 (Rack mount)

500 x 192 x 560 (Wall mount)

500 x 550 x 270 (Rack mount)

 505 x 286 x 557 (Wall mount)