Technical Seminar in Philippines
From:Greenbox 28,Jan,2018

We attended a Technical Seminar entitled"The important aspects of industrial power system:Fault Analysis(Radial & Network Types),Effects of Arc-Flash and Specical Ground(Earth) Connection on Metal Structures of Substation, Switchyard,Industrial and Commercial Facilities" holded by IIEE in Philippines.This is in line with the IIEE National theme:"EMBRACING GLOBAL CHALLENGES THROUGH SUSTAINABLE ENERGY PRACTICES."

We presented our Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power System which consolidates photovoltaic power generation,diesel generator, energy storage and other energy sources.It combines both traditonal and renewable energy's stability,reliability,efficiency and cleanness.Our Hybrid power system is deliverd in a standard package in selected load capacity between 25kWe,50kWe,100kWe,200kWe,500kWe and 1MWe.It is either

installed indoors or pre-assembled in a containers, to cater for harsh environment e.g.islands,remote rural area.