Congratulations to the Success of SEIA Vic Conference 2018
From:Greenbox 23 Feb, 2018

SEIA Vic Conference 2018 has successfully been held recently in Victoria, Australia. Two of our colleagues has attended the conference, who you can spot from the picture which the SEIA-Vic authority provided.

SEIA Vic members are a mixture of older experienced Installers who have the practical knowledge of years of experience, and younger innovative Installers that are all over new technology. As a solar system integrator, who can also install solar related equipment, we find it helpful for us to network with industry peers, to gain a better knowledge of the industry trends and changes which are affecting the solar installers, to gain valuable insights from the industry leaders from government and electrical companies, and to meet with manufacturers and find out what's new and what products we can use in our solar business as well.